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The team at Pay Check have put our heads together to bring you as much information as we can throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, for latest updates please see below:

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The Coronavirus pandemic has had us all re-evaluating the health of our businesses, where we can improve efficiency and maximise profit. Outsourcing presents a great opportunity to reduce costs and improve your business functions. You will also receive useful reporting that can help you to understand one of your biggest business expenses, payroll!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been continuously changing, complex legislation. From the addition of furlough schemes and then flexible furlough to changes in statutory sick pay allowances to tax relief for home-working. All of which can be hard to understand and action and could cause costly mistakes and disgruntled employees.

We aren’t sure what this year has in store for the UK, regarding the pandemic. However, we are certain that our team of payroll experts at Pay Check can get you through it!

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

“I have used Pay Check for nearly 3 years. They are a pleasure to deal with and are always ready and willing to answer my questions, allowing me to make the right decisions for the Company. I would like to thank Katie Linstead - Business Development & Client Services Manager and the Pay Check team for the excellent service they provide.”

- Loredana Popovici (Belstaff)

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

“Having worked with Pay Check for over 10 years, the payroll service delivered by them on a monthly basis is without fail always prepared in a timely, accurate and seamless manner. In an ever changing world of legislation and compliance, Pay Check can always be relied upon to be ahead of the curve in all that they do.  They communicate regularly with important changes in legislation providing easy to follow guidance and advice in addition to providing a comprehensive timetable with all crucial deadline filings. They can be relied upon to go above and beyond in turning around one off urgent payrolls swiftly, always delivering a competent and professional service in the process even when under pressure.”

- Sara J Rose (Meteora Partners LLP)

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

“We decided to outsource our payroll to a bureau back in April due to the increasing complexities and time it was taking us to complete it in-house. It was a difficult decision because we were nervous it would become very process driven with limited manual intervention and the ability to have a point of contact for questions. Pay Check have demonstrated that they are not a large factory type processing bureau. They employ people who are there to make sure that the customer experience is a personal one. We have a nominated point of contact who works really well with us."

- Christine Silvester (Silvester Parker Limited)

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

“Pay Check is providing a tailored service to our company needs. Our contact understands our business deadlines and has been always flexible to accommodate changes, with reasonable turnaround time. Whenever we had a higher numbers of starters, Pay Check has imported our contacts, to ensure efficiency without additional cost… Having worked with other four payroll providers, I would definitely choose Pay Check for the quality service and reliability"

- Krisztina Gulyas (Ascot Lloyd)

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

“The Pay Check people are easy to work with and come up with sensible solutions. You very rarely have to ask them twice to do something. Their systems seem fairly bulletproof: we very rarely have to unwind any payroll errors. The decision to outsource our payroll was probably the best decision we’ve made in this business. It may well be that the second best was to choose Pay Check"

- Edmund Inkin (Eat Drink Sleep Ltd)

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